The Just King. The Loving Father.

One of the most difficult tensions in the Scriptures is the idea that God is both Just and Loving. We this tension in the flood narrative of Genesis 6 and ask, “How can a Loving God bring Judgement upon so many?” The following illustrative story hopes to help answer this question, while my comments after hope to promote gratitude for Christ’s atoning work on the cross:

“There was once a righteous King who reigned over His Kingdom with justice and grace. When He ruled in His courts He always upheld justice and fairness. His kingship was marked by generosity, for no one citizen had any need. Security was sealed on the hearts of His people. Every citizen of the Kingdom and their children were called blessed.

When it came time the King had children of His own. He raised them providing all that they needed. They never wanted for anything. They had food, shelter, clothes, and their futures in the Kingdom were secure. The King raised His children well, loving them & instructing them. The same justice and grace He ruled with in the Kingdom was the same justice and grace He embodied in the raising of His children. He raised them well, not withholding any love or wisdom from them. To be His children, to be in His presence every day, was to know goodness.

But as His children grew older they chose a different way than what their Father taught them. Rather than upholding justice they took advantage of others. Rather than being gracious, they were unfair, conniving, and brought harm to others. Their lives were marked by evil and corruption in everything that they did. There was no limit to their lustfulness, and no sanctuary from their selfishness.

In time they abandoned their Father, His Kingdom, and all that He had taught them. They set out only to spread more evil and corruption among the world. Their Father, because He loved them with the entirety of His heart was grieved by their lives. Day after day He anguished as He was given reports of their evil. Eventually His heart became so heavy with agony that He regretted ever bringing His own children into this world. And being just, the King had to stop their spread of evil and corruption. And so, with a heavy heart, He sent out His best soldiers to end their lives.”

Knowing that we are each corrupt and rebellious toward our King, let us have hearts of gratitude, for those who have received salvation know that “God shows His love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us” (Romans 5:8) so that we would not have to face the judgement of the just King.


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