Book Review: “ONWARD” by Russell Moore

In his new book, “ONWARD: Engaging the Culture Without Losing The Gospel,” Russell Moore, president of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention and widely-sought cultural commentator (, encourages evangelical Christians to reclaim the strangeness of the Gospel in the midst of a changing cultural landscape that has left many in the church scratching their heads as to how this shift happened, how we are to respond, and where we may be headed next.

At the very start of “ONWARD,” Moore lays out the transition within American culture from the presence of a moral majority, where many Americans agreed upon the same values that were often tied to evangelical Christianity, to the new landscape drenched in postmodern thought and “secularizing agendas.” He moves to answer the question many evangelical Christians are asking: How should we respond? It is his position that the church should embrace its opportunistic role of being a “Prophetic Minority,” those who bear witness to the future Kingdom of God in the here and now. Moore walks the reader through how this role is played out in the hot button issues of culture, mission, human dignity, religious liberty, and family. As he concludes he offers practical admonitions for how evangelical Christians can embrace Kingdom opportunities in the new cultural landscape.

I highly recommend this book. Make no mistake, some (including many evangelical Christians) will find some of Moore’s views and statements to be provocative, especially for those who were part of the former landscape where “God and Country” was the battle cry in the public square. However, it is a new day for evangelical Christians in America where “we have the opportunity to reclaim the freakishness of the Gospel, which is what gives it its power in the first place.”

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