Hero Or Fumbler

There is nothing more de-energizing for a football team than when they lose the ball by way of the fumble. When your team has the ball you have the opportunity to be the hero, to fight through adversity with your teammates, and take hold of glory together. But a fumble… takes that all away.

The first fumble ever happened in a garden. There was a man who was given the ball. Now, it was not a ball made of leather or pigskin, but rather it was comprised of the Words of a Holy God… and these Words provided the opportunity for glory or for defeat.

On the football field the way to experience victory is through adversity, and it seems as though it would be the same way in the garden. Adversity arrived, not in the form of padded brutes but in the form of a serpent that would tempt the man’s wife.

Here is the man’s opportunity. All he had to do was hold on tightly to the Words, to pass them on to his wife, his teammate, and to lead her to certain victory over their enemy and seize glory together. The man could have been a hero.

However, He fumbled. He let go of the Words… and He failed his teammate.

Men. Husbands. Fathers.

Our wives… Our children… Our churches… Our communities…

They are in need of heroes that will hold tightly to the Words of a Holy God and lead them to the glory that is found in obedience to it. Hero or Fumbler? It’s your choice.


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